SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice

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Aims and Scope

This book provides a comprehensive overview and discussion of the SSL/TLS protocols. It also addresses related topics, such as TLS extensions, datagram TLS (DTLS), firewall traversal, as well as public key certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI).

Target Audience

The book is intended for anyone who wants to get a deep understanding of the SSL/TLS protocols and their proper use-be it a theorist or practitioner.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Taher Elgamal

1. Introduction
2. Cryptography Primer
3. Transport Layer Security
4. SSL Protocol
5. TLS Protocol
6. DTLS Protocol
7. Firewall Traversal
8. Public Key Certificates and PKI
9. Conclusions and Outlook

Appendix TLS Cipher Suites
Abbreviations and Acronyms
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